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Corybas barbarae

1 Helmet Orchid, Fairy Lanterns at Tuchekoi National Park

Corybas barbarae at Tuchekoi National Park - 1 Jun 2021
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Corybas barbarae 2 Jun 2021 JoanH
Unidentified 2 Jun 2021 jenqld

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JoanH wrote:
   2 Jun 2021
This little orchid is flowering profusely at the moment in many locations. There is another similar looking Helmet Orchid which is more grey burgundy on the 'helmet, and is Corybas aconitiflorus.
Corybas barbarae is described as being crystalline white which is what your orchid is.
jenqld wrote:
   2 Jun 2021
Thanks Joan. As I only have a mobile phone camera, my images aren't as good as I'd like, and where these are growing is in particularly dim light.
We've been aware of the colony in this location for as long as we've lived here (30+ years) but a few years back there was a fire on Mt Cooroora and then the National Parks people pushed a new track through the area and we thought they were lost forever, but each year since, we've seen a few more popping up, so happy to say the colony has survived :)
JoanH wrote:
   2 Jun 2021
Hi Jen, you're welcome, I know the feeling, I am devastated when these events occur and threaten our previous native orchids. I have witnessed it recently in the Eumundi Conservation Reserve where both Helmet and Elbow Orchid colonies were destroyed just to make the firebreak a little wider. It is so frustrating.

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  • Sensitive
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  • 4 - 15 Abundance
  • 1 Jun 2021 07:01 AM Recorded on
  • jenqld Recorded by

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