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Unidentified at suppressed - 16 Nov 2020
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Identification history

Pristhesancus plagipennis 18 Nov 2020 michaelb
Reduviidae sp. (family) 18 Nov 2020 michaelb
Unidentified 17 Nov 2020 CaitlinW

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Author's notes

Possible assassin bug? Just chilling on the window of the holiday house I’m staying at.


michaelb wrote:
   18 Nov 2020
We are based in Canberra. Perhaps you could do a bit of internet surfing to ID this one to genus or species?
CaitlinW wrote:
   18 Nov 2020
I’m also based in Canberra and have almost no etymological knowledge — a friend with more has suggested pristhesancus plagipennis but she wasn’t confident of it based on my photo alone.
michaelb wrote:
   18 Nov 2020
From what I can find on ALA, Pristhesancus plagipennis is the most common of the Pristhesancus genus. See:- https://bie.ala.org.au/species/urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.taxon:e25f9b37-5501-4494-a1f7-a55dd22f01ee#classification. Also:- https://bie.ala.org.au/species/urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.taxon:1aa7543e-6e61-4b3c-a244-7de1356c9568. Gallery:- https://bie.ala.org.au/species/urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.taxon:1aa7543e-6e61-4b3c-a244-7de1356c9568#gallery The photo by geoffbyrne looks very close except for the colouring.

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Sighting information

  • 1 Abundance
  • 16 Nov 2020 04:06 AM Recorded on
  • CaitlinW Recorded by
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