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Freshwater invertebrates


The freshwater environment is home to a wide variety of invertebrates, including many larval forms of terrestrial insects. Therefore, many species spend part of their life cycle in or around water. Other species are commonly found on or in freshwater, but are also found away from water. 

This key is part of the Waterbug toolkit, available at https://www.thewaterbug.net/ALT.html

We also highly recommend the associated The Waterbug App. This is a very helpful guide for identifying aquatic invertebrates - including larval insects such as dragonflies and damselflies. The App is free, and available for iOS and Android devices.

This 'Freshwater Invertebrate' category below includes a small number of freshwater crustacea, and various other non-insect invertebrates, such as molluscs and worms

Please note that all insects are in the category 'Insects' ... click here  and all spiders are included in the category 'Spiders' ... click here


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Freshwater invertebrates

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