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There are thousands of plants that are native to our Region and we would like to see as many as we can recorded so we can see their ranges and if these change over time.

Noosa Naturemapr is particularly interested in locating species rare in the region or new and emerging weeds before they become widespread. People may not be aware what a particular plant is, but they have been good at recognising that a plant is uncommon in an area.

Well over 10,000 plants have been introduced into our region’s gardens and pastures from overseas and other parts of Australia. Garden plantings are not of interest, but where plants stray from garden or amenity plantings into our bush they are of interest.

In just two years, our sister site Canberra Nature Map has more than doubled the known location of ACT rare plant records collected over the previous 110 years and has provided the first known ACT record of over a dozen new weed species, which has enabled their eradication. The continued reporting of these sorts of records are particularly encouraged.

We are also seeking species not currently included on the species lists for a particular National Park, nature reserve or area of interest, so that the lists provided become increasingly comprehensive. You may also like to establish a record of all plants on your own rural property or favourite piece of bush.

Identifying plant species from photographs can be difficult. The moderators task can be eased by ensuring that photographs include as much information on a plant as possible, including a general shot of the whole plant, a close up of leaves (preferably showing both top and underneath sides and how leaves are attached to stems) a close up of flowers (preferably from both above and the side) and a shot of any fruit or seed pod present.

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Abrus precatorias subsp. africanus (Crab's Eye Creeper, Gidee-Gidee)

Acacia attenuata (Wallum Wattle)

Acacia aulacocarpa (Short Hickory Wattle)

Acacia bakeri (Marblewood)

Acacia baueri (Tiny Wattle)

Acacia cincinnata (Coil-pod Wattle)

Acacia complanata (Flat-stemmed Wattle)

Acacia concurrens (Black Wattle)

Acacia crassicarpa (Thick-Podded Salwood, Northern Wattle)

Acacia falcata (Sickle-leaved Wattle)

Acacia falcata Jackie Miles
Acacia falcata Jackie Miles
Acacia falcata Jackie Miles
Acacia falcata
Acacia falcata
Acacia falcata

Acacia fimbriata (Brisbane Wattle)

Acacia fimbriata
Acacia fimbriata
Acacia fimbriata
Acacia fimbriata
Acacia fimbriata
Acacia fimbriata

Acacia flavescens (Primrose Ball Wattle)

Acacia hubbardiana (Yellow Prickly Moses)

Acacia juncifolia (Rush-leaved Wattle)

Acacia leiocalyx (Lamb's Tail Wattle)

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