Dragonflies & Damselflies (Odonata) Dragonflies & Damselflies (Odonata)


ADULT features: abdomen elongate; two pairs of wings, held either flat or vertical (not roof-like); wings with numerous cross-veins and cells; antennae minute, bristle-like; always with 3 ocelli

LARVAL features: aquatic predators, gradually changing and developing wing-buds as they moult through numerous larval stages ('instars'). They climb out of the water immediately before their final moult to the winged, terrestrial adult stages. Their cast off last-larval exoskeletons are often found clinging to waterside vegetation.

Identification guide for larvae: The Waterbug App. This is a very helpful guide for identifying aquatic invertebrates - including larval insects such as dragonflies and damselflies. The App is free, and available for iOS and Android devices.


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Dragonflies & Damselflies (Odonata)

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