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Bugs, Cicadas & Leafhoppers (Hemiptera)

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Amorbus obscuricornis (Eucalyptus Tip Bug)

Chlorocysta vitripennis (Small Bottle Cicada)

Cystosoma saundersii (Bladder Cicada)

Mictis profana (Crusader bug)

Mictis profana ADULT FEMALE
Mictis profana A late-instar nymph
Mictis profana ADULT MALE
Mictis profana
Mictis profana
Mictis profana

Poecilometis ellipticus (Gum Tree Shield Bug)

Pristhesancus plagipennis (Bee Killer Assassin Bug)

Reduviidae sp. (family) (An assassin bug)

Reduviidae sp. (family)
Reduviidae sp. (family)

Tamasa tristigma (Brown Bunyip Cicada)


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