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Blues & Coppers (Lycaenidae)

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Acrodipsas cuprea (Copper Ant-Blue)

Acrodipsas cuprea Max Campbell
Acrodipsas cuprea

Candalides absimilis (Common Pencil-blue)

Candalides consimilis consimilis (Dark Pencilled-blue (Eastern Subspecies))

Candalides erinus erinus (Small Dusky-blue)

Candalides hyacinthine (Varied Dusky Blue)

Catopyrops florinda halys (Speckled Line-blue (Southern Subspecies))

Erysichton lineata (Hairy Line-blue)

Euchrysops cnejus (Spotted Pea-blue)

Hypochrysops cyane (Cyane Jewel)

Hypochrysops delicia delicia (Moonlight Jewel (Eastern Subspecies))

Nacaduba berenice (Large Purple Line-blue)

Nacaduba kurava (White-Banded Line-blue)

Philiris innotatus (Purple Moonbeam)

Psychonotis caelius (Small Green-banded Blue)

Sahulana scintillata (Glistening Blue)

Zizina otis labradus (Common Grass Blue)

Zizina otis labradus Kerri-Lee Harris, Panboola
Zizina otis labradus Kerri-Lee Harris, Wonboyn
Zizina otis labradus Max Campbell, Tura Beach
Zizina otis labradus
Zizina otis labradus
Zizina otis labradus

Zizula hylax (Dainty Grass-blue)


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